Why doesn't ticker data update after setting up a Yahoo data feed?

2018-05-10 07:44

There could be a few reasons for this:

  • Check to make sure that you are connected to the internet and that Stock Portfolio Organizer is allowed to access through any firewall. Next, check to see if there are any errors being generated by looking at the 'Data Feed Messages' panel. If there errors, please fix them and enable the data feed again if it was automatically disabled due to excess errors.
  • Yahoo determines which market a ticker symbol belongs to by its suffix. For example, 'BHP.AX' has the suffix '.AX' to denote the Australia Stock Exchange. So when setting up the data feed, you need to make sure the that you have the correct target market selected in the plugin settings window so the plugin knows what suffix to use when fetching data from Yahoo. The symbols in your database should not include any suffix.
  • Sometimes Yahoo uses a different symbol name to what is expected. In this case the only thing you can do is change the symbol name in the database to what Yahoo expects.
  • Lastly you may have requested too much data and your IP was temporarily banned. This can show up as 'unauthorized' errors in the 'Data Feed Messages' panel. It is recommended that you enable the 'Throttle Requests' option when setting up the data feed to prevent too many requests being sent to the yahoo servers.
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