I want to use the product to track futures and options traded on US exchanges as well as a few currencies. Does your software allow me to do that?



2019-07-16 13:23

Hi Andreas,

Stock Portfolio Organizer was designed for the international market so you can definately use it for US Exchanges and different currencies.

The program natively support futures trades but not options. But you can still track options t as many of our users do. The only thing missing with options is you cannot enter an expiry date and if you exercise the option you cannot connect the option with the trade. To enter an option simply record them as normal trades but close them by setting the sell price to zero and assign them to a special trade group. For example, put your options in a group called 'Options' and if you exercise an option put the trade into a group called 'Exercised Options' to make it easier to calculate profit losses of your option trades.


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