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Track Stocks You Are Interested in Using Watch Lists

In Stock Portfolio Organizer a Watch List is a collection of securities such as stocks, futures, currency pairs, mutual funds, ETFs or options. Watch Lists let you track securities you are interested and filter trades by whether they appear in the Watch List or not. Want to know how your portfolio is doing in the mining sector? Simply create a Watch List of mining stocks and use it to filter trades in the summary view. It’s that easy.

Each Watch List offers many different ‘views’ of your data to give you more perspective. Watch lists have a standard ‘Prices’ view where you can see the current prices for the securities in which you are interested in. Also, depending on the view, they also have a ‘Fundamentals’ view where you can get a quick look at some basic valuation information such as P/E Ratio, 52-Week High, and Forward Dividend Yield, among many others.

Watch Lists In Main Navigation Panel Annotated | Stock Portfolio Organizer