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The following guide shows the steps to record a dividend reinvestment for an Australian dividend. The same steps can be used for recording reinvestments of a non-Australian dividends and trust distributions too.

Step 1: Open 'Australian Dividends' window

To add a new dividend click the ‘Enter Australian Dividend’ toolbar item located in the main menu.

Main Menu Dividends Toolbar Item Highlighted | Stock Portfolio Organizer

This should open a window similar to the following.

Australian Dividends Window | Stock Portfolio Organizer

Step 2: Select a dividend and click 'New Reinvestment'

To record a reinvestment for a dividend select a dividend by checking the check box next to the dividend.

Australian Dividends Window With Dividend Selected | Stock Portfolio Organizer

Next, click ‘New Reinvestment’. This should open a window similar to the one below.

New Re-Investment Window | Stock Portfolio Organizer

Next, enter the details of the reinvestment. Once done click ‘Save’. You can view/edit/delete the reinvestment you just created by clicking the ‘Distributions’ button.