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The following guide shows the steps to record a cash payout for Australian dividends. The same steps can be used for recording cash payouts of a non-Australian dividends and trust distributions. For example, if you wish to enter a non-Australian dividend, instead of opening the ‘Australian Dividends’ window you should open the ‘Dividends’ window. All remaining steps below are the same.

Step 1: Open 'Australian Dividends' window

To add a new dividend click the ‘Enter Australian Dividend’ toolbar item located in the main menu.

Main Menu Dividends Toolbar Item Highlighted | Stock Portfolio Organizer

This should open a window similar to the following.

Australian Dividends Window | Stock Portfolio Organizer

Step 2: Select a dividend and click 'New Payout'

To record a payout for a dividend select a dividend by checking the check box next to the dividend.

Australian Dividends Window With Dividend Selected | Stock Portfolio Organizer

Next click ‘New Payout’. This should open a window similar to the one below.

New Payout Window | Stock Portfolio Organizer

Note that the payout amount has been automatically calculated for you. If you are happy with it, click ‘Save’. You can view/edit/delete the payout you just created by clicking the ‘Distributions’ button.

Step 3: Creating payouts in bulk

If you have lots of dividends that you are receiving as cash payouts, you can create payouts in bulk. As with the previous step select all the dividends you wish to create payouts for then click ‘Generate Payouts’.