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In the event that the currency you need is not currently available in the program can easily add your own by following these steps.

Step 1: Open the 'Currencies' window

This can be done from the users window or from the main window by clicking on the ‘Currencies’ toolbar item.

Currencies Toolbar Item In Main Window | Stock Portfolio Organizer
Currencies Toolbar Item In Users Window
Currencies Window | Stock Portfolio Organizer

Step 2: Open the 'New Currency' window and enter the required information

To add a new currency simply click ‘New’ in the ‘Currencies’ window (shown above) which should open a window similar to the following.

New Currency Window | Stock Portfolio Organizer

Name – Name of the currency.

Code – The currency code. For example USD, AUD etc.

Culture – The currency culture. This affects how money values in this currency are formatted and displayed.

Display Precision – This indicates how many decimal points values in this currency should be displayed in.