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Stock Portfolio Organizer V1.3.7229.23854 Released

We are proud to announce the release of V1.3.7229.23854!

This release contains a number of new and exciting features and improvements and bug fixes.


  • The data feed downloader can now download historical dividend data.
  • Added 2 historical dividend data plugins. One based on Yahoo Finance and the other
  • Added list of historical dividends in the ticker info window. (Accessible when you click on the symbol hyperlink in one of the views)
  • Added the ‘Find & Add Missing Dividends’ window which allow you to quickly import missing dividends using historical dividend data into your portfolio. That’s right Stock Portfolio Organizer can now download and import dividends into your portfolio. No more manual data entry!
  • Added the ability to generate dividend payouts in bulk.
  • Added shortcut buttons to be able to add dividend payouts or re-investments quicker.
  • Added the ability to pro rata annual trust distribution tax values across multiple trust distributions.
  • Trust Distribution & Dividend entry has been greatly improved. For dividend entry there are now two different entry windows. One for Australian residents and one for residents in other countries around the world. For trust distribution entry we have changed and added many fields including support for AMIT cost base increase & decrease.
  • Greatly improved support for splits, mergers etc. There is now a new adjustment window where you can adjust the quantity and cost basis individually for trades. Now Return Of Capital and other complex adjustments are handled.
  • Cells now animate when changed. Green when there is a positive change and red when it is negative.


  • Improved how alerts work.
  • Lots of small improvements throughout the program.

Bug Fixes:

  • Many bug fixes.

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