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Stock Portfolio Organizer V1.21.7047.27427 Released

We are proud to announce the release of V1.21.7047.27427!

This release contains a number of features and improvements.


  • Added more dividend related fields to tickers. Such as ‘Trailing Annual Dividend Yield’ etc.
  • Added ‘Yield On Cost By Year’ for individual trades.


  • Improved the ‘Upcoming Dividends’ view to display more dividend related data.
  • Improved the ‘Yahoo Stock Info’ data plugin to download more dividend data.
  • Improved watch list views. Watch lists now have specific views for different ticker types.
  • ‘Average Return’ of a dividend and trust has been renamed to ‘Yield On Cost’.
  • ‘Average Percent Return On Investment’ has been reworked and is now available under the heading ‘Average Yield On Cost By Year’.

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