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‘Accounts’, as the name suggests, is where money is debited and credited. When opening a trade, you need to specify the account from which money will be debited. When closing a trade, you need to specify an account where money will be credited. You can also add any transactions to an account from the ‘Accounts’ window.

Active Accounts View
Active Accounts View
Account Transactions Window
Account Transactions View
Active Accounts ViewAccount Transactions WindowAccount Transactions View
Watch Lists

‘Watch Lists’ allow you to keep an eye on stocks you may be interested in. You can have an unlimited number of stocks in a watch list spanning multiple markets. ‘Watch Lists’ also support real-time and tick updates.

Watch List View
Trade Groups

‘Trade Groups’ allow you to group trades and measure their performance separately. For example, you can group your trades by sector to see how your portfolio is performing in each sector. By using ‘Trade Group Unions’ you can even group multiple different trade groups together.

Active Trade Groups View
Audit Trail

The audit trail allows you to track all changes made to your portfolio. It is especially useful when more than one user is using Stock Portfolio Organizer. For example, all formulas can be edited and used by any user so it’s handy to know when, who and what changes were made to the formula you are using.

Audit Trail Window