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View Upcoming Dividends

The following is a screenshot of the ‘Upcoming Dividends’ view. It allows you to view upcoming dividends for your currently open trades or for the whole market if you want to look for opportunities.

This view also speeds up dividend data entry by allowing you to import any upcoming dividend by simply right clicking on a row and selecting ‘New Dividend’.

Stock Portfolio Organizer is able to download the dividend data for free from Yahoo Finance.

Upcoming Dividends View
Associate Dividends & Trust Distributions With Trades

When entering dividends or trust distributions, you can automatically or manually associate them with trades. This allows Stock Portfolio Organizer to calculate some very useful metrics that you won’t find in other portfolio managers. For example, in the dividends and trust distributions panels found in the summary view, you can find out the average percent return on investment. This figure tells you how much percent on average your dividends and trust distributions are returning based on the cost basis price of your trades. Another example is the total net income amount, which can be found in the trade details panel. This figure tells us how much income (dividends and trust distributions) the trade has earned.