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Stock Portfolio Organizer V1.3.6445.30250 Released

We are proud to announce the release of V1.3.6445.30250!

This release contains a number of bug fixes, usability improvements and features.

New Features:

  • Added new, edit and delete buttons to ‘Accounts’, ‘Account’, ‘Dividends’ and ‘Trust Distributions’ views.
  • Added 52 Day High, 52 Day Low, 50 Day Moving Average and 200 Day Moving Average to the watch list views.
  • Added ‘Buy Net Amount’ fields to all instrument trade detail views.
  • Added ticker info detail windows. For example, clicking on an underlined stock ticker name will display detailed information about the stock including fundamental data.
  • Added ability to change transaction date & time for a sold or partially sold open trade.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where ‘Trade Expenses’ view was not reloading when it should.
  • Fixed bug where ‘Trust Distributions’ view was not reloading when it should.
  • Fixed bugs in ‘Dividends’ and ‘Trust Distributions’ views where ‘Show All’ was not working as it should.
  • Fixed bug in ‘Stock Split’ where the effective date’ was not working correctly.
  • Fixed bug where account transactions grouped by a category included the initial balance when they shouldn’t.
  • Fixed bug in the instrument formula domain.
  • Fixed bug which allowed a user to enter an invalid quantity value for a trade.