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Powerful Data Feed Engine

Powerful Data Feed Engine

  • Easily download tick, real-time, EOD, fundamental and dividend data from any data source
  • See live price updates for all open positions
  • View upcoming dividends
  • Automatically find and add dividends to portfolio.
  • Multiple free data source providers supported
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What some of our users say about Stock Portfolio Organizer

Glad to be using it

Been using a spreadsheet for a few years and now that I have Stock Portfolio Organizer I can’t imagine ever going back. Once you get your head around it Stock Portfolio Organizer is easy to use and has good support.

Stands out

I have tried different portfolio management programs and found that Stock Portfolio Organizer really stands out. The interface is intuitive and easy to use and the summary page gives me all the information I need about my portfolio.


… It is a very impressive piece of software that works as advertised. …